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The Krampus Parade begins at 2pm on Sunday, Dec. 3rd (Day 2 of Horror for the Holidays), with the Contest and Crowing of the Krampus King occurring immediately after the procession ends. Important information on how to register and requirements of participation are below. We encourage all to pre-register with the link provided at the end so we can best plan the size of the parade and award ceremony. 


Parade Day: Sunday, Dec. 8

1:30pm: Krampi final registration deadline 

1:45pm: Krampi & drummers gather and prepare for Parade

2:00-2:45pm: Krampus Parade & Crowning


REGISTER & ARRIVAL:  Registering to be a Krampus in the parade is free and gains you free Sunday entry when you meet all qualifications. We are not able to give free entry to any other guests who may accompany you. When you arrive, our Front Entry team will verify you meet Krampus requirements and will register you for the parade. You are welcome to arrive anytime before the parade if you want to walk around the event in costume. All Krampi must be registered with Front Entry by 1:30pm. Staging starts at 1:45. You must check in with the Front Entry at 1:45 and they will instruct you where to go for Staging. 


KRAMPUS REQUIREMENTS:  Krampi must arrive in costume, makeup done, and ready to walk and spread some holiday fear. Note that there are no public dressing rooms or electricity available to get ready. Your costume will also need to pass our Front Entry Staff’s “Krampus test.” Meaning, we want to see effort in your costumes. People that show up with only horns on their head (no makeup, no costume) will not qualify for free entry or allowed to be in the parade. We want to showcase the best in Krampus glory. Costumes may not include real weapons as props (i.e. actual knives, spears, etc.).


STAGING & THE PARADE: Staging is at 1:45. The Parade starts at 2:00. During the staging time, our parade coordinator will put you in line with your fellow Krampi. We will have “Sponsored Krampi” provided by our contributors/sponsors and “Public Krampi (that’s you!)” in the staging area. You will most likely see our sponsored Krampi in the Staging area getting ready in the private dressing rooms because they are being provided by our on-site contributors. The parade is headed by a line of drummers. The Krampi follow the drummers. At the end of the parade line, we allow children to participate by walking with a chain and accompanied by our evil elves. You will walk through the aisles of the parade, in character, for apprx. 10-15 min. Our parade coordinator will explain in more detail during Staging.


RULES: Krampi are encouraged to be in character while you walk. General monster sounds and ominous behavior is desired; however, you may not touch anyone in any way (with hands or props). No jump scares (i.e. scaring people by jumping behind them or unknowingly scaring them in any way). People can fall or get hurt and we definitely don’t want that. Swinging or banging real chains, brooms or other props against the floor will not be allowed. Any damage to the venue or vendors merchandise will be charged to those accountable — so let’s keep it safe and fun for everyone!


JUDGING & CROWNING: Once the parade has made its way through the aisles, the procession will arrive at the main stage for the Judging and Crowning. This year we have re-worked the judging to allow only the “Public” Krampi to be eligible to win Krampus King. We will have a audience appreciation “winner” for the Sponsored Krampi first. This will allow us to give a shout out and thank you to our contributors who created them: House of Torment, Bat City Scaregrounds and Hawgfly Productions. Then it’s time for the big prize, the Krampus King of 2023! The judges will decide who is worthy of the title and the Texas Mum of Death. Once the winner is decided, our Evil Santa will crown the winner with the Mum and the winner will be asked to make a victory walk down the center aisle. After the crowning event, you are welcome to stay to take pics with the crowd and enjoy the rest of the event. If you want to come back, not in costume, let the Front Entry know before you leave so you can get back in for free.


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